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Searching for Background Music Downloads?

Where to get the best Background Music Downloads

Want your background music to hit the right note? Searching where to get the best music downloads?

Surprisingly, background music has actually been used for centuries. In the industrial age, orchestras and female singers were occasionally hired to sing and play in quieter factories. Although early radio was primarily used to broadcast news, in 1940 the BBC introduced a programme called ‘Music while you work’. The benefits of background music in the workplace have long been recognised. It increases productivity, leads to improved alertness and even encourages better team interaction.

Finding the right background is also essential for customers. Key in creating the right atmosphere, the best background music can lead to positive mood changes and an enhanced perception of your business. One study even found when classical music was playing in the background of a restaurant, customers spent on average £24 per head, in comparison to £21.70 without music.

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