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Stewart DugdaleA Better Man
A Better ManClassic Guitar chords, Uplifting synth lead, Positive, Hopeful£19.95
Stewart DugdaleA Glam Christmas
A Glam ChristmasClassic Glam Rock Christmas track, Wizard, Slade, Uplifting guitar solo, tubular bells£19.95
Stewart DugdaleAll Your Life
All Your LifeKalmiba Melody, African Percussion, Catchy, Uplifting, Inspiring, Corporate£19.95
Stewart DugdaleAlpha and Omega
Alpha and OmegaDownbeat acoustic guitar, Pads, Positive, Piano solo, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleAny One Day
Any One DayAn Elbow style-a-like, uplifting chords and mood, Positive Feel, Rock, Pop£19.95
Stewart DugdaleArcanum
ArcanumAmbient, Chill out, On Hold, Telephone Music, Enya, Ethereal, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleBar by the Beach
Bar by the BeachLaid back, Relaxing Bossa Nova, Dreamy Sax melody, Thoughtful piano, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleBeautiful
BeautifulCatchy Acoustic melody, postive, uplifting, Flute, Piano, inspiring£19.95
Stewart DugdaleBeautiful Days
Beautiful DaysStacatto Strings, Horns, Piano, Uplifting, Epic, Inspiring, Heroic, Bold, Beautiful£19.95
Stewart DugdaleBeauty and Truth
Beauty and TruthEnya Style, Gentle acoustic guitar, ethereal vocals, positive, inspiring, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart DugdaleBelle at Christmas
Bells at ChristmasWarm and uplifting Christmas ballad. Strings, glock, choirs and bagpipes.£19.95
Stewart DugdaleBetter Way
Better WayOasis style Acoustic Guitar, Hammond, Electric Guitar, Rocky, Indie, Uplifting, Upbeat£19.95
Stewart DugdaleBrazilian Sunset
Brazilian SunsetClassic Bossa Nova beat with melonchonic saxophone. Moody, Thoughful, Provocative£19.95
Stewart DugdaleBreath Control
Breath ControlHip Hop Inspired, Soulful synth line, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleCandle Lit
Candle LitCool Jazz, Laid back trumpet and piano, Ideal as background music for a restaurant or bar. £19.95
Stewart DugdaleCaribbean Sands
Caribbean SandsHappy African Carribbean, Steel Drums, Lively Organs, Upbeat, Positive, Happy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleChristmas Day Morning
Christmas Day MorningHappy and Uplifting House style Xmas track. Classic Bells and a trumpet solo.£19.95
Stewart DugdaleCircles in Your Mind
Circles in Your MindAggresive Overdriven Guitar, Downbeat, Fast, Driving, Indie, Piano£19.95
Stewart DugdaleCity of Light
City of LightHouse Inspired Bossa Nova, Trumpet lead, Upbeat, Funky, Fresh, Cool£19.95
Stewart DugdaleCool Cat Jazz
Cool Cat JazzCool Jazz, Laid Back Swing, Piano, Cafe, Restaurant£19.95
Stewart DugdaleCuban Heels
Cuban HeelsSmooth Salsa Trumpet, Laid back, Ambient, Latin, Xylophone Melody£19.95
Stewart DugdaleCurved Space
Curved SpacePads, Synths, Drones, Ethereal, Uplifting, Cosmic, Beautiful, Dreamy, Inspiring, Space£19.95
Stewart DugdaleDigital Dreaming
Digital DreamingA house beat, On Hold Music, Hold Music, Electro Beat, Positive, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart DugdaleDistant Lands
Distant LandsPicked Acoustic Celtic Folk, Thoughtful, Reflective, Piano and Strings, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleElements of Life
Elements of LifeHouse inspired, Synth, Popular On Hold Music, Waiting Music£19.95
Stewart DugdaleFasion Weekly
Fashion WeeklyBouncy Synths and Brazilian percussion, Corporate & Business Music, Fashion, Catwalk£19.95
Stewart DugdaleFirefly
FireflyPicked acoustic guitar, hauting and evocative, uplifting chorus, hopeful,£19.95
Stewart DugdaleForgotten Memories
Forgotten MemoriesAcoustic guitars, Pads, Strings, Reflective, Uplifting, Ethereal£19.95
Stewart DugdaleGod's Speed
God's SpeedOn Hold Music, Background Music, Music on Hold, Telephone Music, Coldplay, Pop Music£19.95
Stewart DugdaleGolden Sands
Golden SandsBossa Nova, Cool Trumpet and Sax, Cool Bar, Restaurant, Chill out£19.95
Stewart DugdaleGood News
Good NewsUpbeat acoustic guitar pop, postitive, catchy, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleGrowing Pains
Growing PainsHaunting Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Warmer middle, Thoughtful, Reflective, Lost Love£19.95
Stewart DugdaleHidden Retreat
Hidden RetreatFunky Guitar, Sensual Saxphone, Soulful and Chilled, Smooth Grooves, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleIce Tulips
Ice TulipsThomas New "American Beauty" Style-a-like, Tender, Emotional, Piano, Strings£19.95
Stewart DugdaleIn a Moment
In a MomentThomas Newman style, Emotional orchestra, Lush Strings, Fantasy, Dreams, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart DugdaleInto a Magical World
Into a Magical WorldFantasy, Dreams, Orchestra, Driving, Uplifting, Commericals, TV, Trailers£19.95
Stewart DugdaleJoy for Everyone
Joy for EveryoneUpbeat Jingle Bells, Breakbeat, Trumpet, Bells, Festive, Happy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleKeith's Theme
Keith's ThemeMoby style, Piano and Strings, Thoughtful, Reflective, Melonchonic£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLast Orders
Last OrdersDriving Rock Guitar, Sports, Travel, Documentary, Indie Pop£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLet the Summer Never End
Let the Summer Never EndPop Indie Guitar, Happy, Summertime, Positive, Driving Melody, Catchy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLife
LifeHappy African Carribbean, Jangly Guitar, Lively, Upbeat, Positive, Happy, Cheerful£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLike it Should Be
Like it Should BeJangly guitar, Upbeat & uplifting melody, Evocative Strings & Piano, Catchy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLiving for Tomorrow
Living for TomorrowIndie Rock Guitar, Chilled, Uplifting Chorus, Sports, TV, Film£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLoch Cannock
Loch CannockUpbeat Scottish style, Violins, uilleann pipes, Upbeat, Positive, Celtic, Vibrant, Bag Pipes£19.95
Stewart DugdaleMackie
MackieAcoustic Guitar, Pop, Catchy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleMarching to Victory
Marching to VictoryThoughtful Guitar, Bluesy, Uplifting Chorus, Guitar Solo, Piano, Winning, Overcoming£19.95
Stewart DugdaleMargaux Theme
Margaux ThemeDownbeat Guitar, Blue, Sad, Lonely, Lost £19.95
Stewart DugdaleMichael's Last Words
Michael's Last WordsEmotional Piano, Strings, Film, Uplifting, Reflective, Finale, Ending£19.95
Stewart DugdaleMisletoe Kiss
Misletoe KissRock Guitar, Festive Bells, Melodic Guitar Solo, Warm, Reflective£19.95
Stewart DugdaleMy Happy Place
My Happy PlaceAfrican Inspired Kalimba, uplifting, Driving Percussion, Guitar Solo, Business£19.95
Stewart DugdaleMy Sunshine
My SunshineHappy, Joyful, Ukuele Melody, Commericals, TV, Film, Positive£19.95
Stewart DugdaleNatural Spirit
Natural SpiritUplifting Guitars, Powerful Drums, Quiet Build, Positive, Corporate, Sports, TV, Film£19.95
Stewart DugdaleNew Life
New LifeDreamy Trumpet, Ethereal Piano, Buddha Bar, Chill Out Lounge, Breakbeat Drums£19.95
Stewart DugdaleOcean
OceanLaid Back Guitar, Chilled Out, Funky Chorus, Mellow, Positive Vibes£19.95
Stewart DugdalePeace and Harmony
Peace and Harmony"Ding Dong Merrily On High" cover, Calm Piano, Flute, Sweet£19.95
Stewart DugdaleRekindled Love
Rekindled LovePicked guitar melody, Reflective with uplififting chorus. Thoughtful piano, Melonchonic£19.95
Stewart DugdaleRunning
RunningColdplay and Keane style, Reflective, Uplifting, Overcoming, Guitar Riff, Strings£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSamba the Night Away
Samba the Night AwayUpbeat Samba, Catchy chorus, Muted Trumpet solo, Lively, Happy, Fun£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSanta Claus is Coming
Santa Claus is ComingUpbeat Festive beat, Trumpet, Tubular Bell, Jolly, Merry, Happy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSecret in a Kiss
Secret in a KissEnya style, Relaxation, Ethereal, Harp, Pads, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleSerengeti Dawn
Serengeti DawnUplifting African, Pan flutes, Cocal Chanting, Disney's "The Lion King", Inspiring£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSet Your Sights High
Set Your Sights HighHappy Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Hammond Organ, Uplifting, Positive, Inspiring£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSummer Sun
Summer SunHappy Catchy Indie Guitar, Positive, Summer Rocking, Sports, TV£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSwept Away
Swept AwaySeaside Sounds, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synths, Ethereal, Euphoric, Uplifting, Calming£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSynergy
SynergyElectro House Beat, On hold Music, Telephone Music, Business, Corporate£19.95
Stewart DugdaleTake the Journey
Take the JourneyAcoustic Guitar, Hammond, Pop Rock, Serious, Driving, Business, TV, Documentary£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Champions
The ChampionsVictorious guitar melody, uplifting chorus, Positive, Marching, Sports, TV £19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Christmas Angel
The Christmas AngelFunky House Christmas, Trumpet, Synths, Upbeat, Happy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Day After
The Day AfterSnow Patrol "Run" Style, Piano & Guitar, Solenm, Thought-provoking, Evocative, Somber£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Girl in the Black Boots
The Girl in the Black BootsEpic Guitar Rock, Orchestra, Driving, Fast Paced, Emotional, TV, Film£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Holy Time
The Holy TimeMike Oldfield style-a-like, Happy, Positive, Festive, Rocking, Merry£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Jungle Floor
The Jungle FloorAfrican ambient, Kalimba, Dreamy, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Knight
The KnightHans Zimmer style, Epic Orchestral Rock, Big Percussion, Film Trailer, Sports£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Last Stand
The Last StandEpic Orchestra, Cinematic, Driving Brass, Fast Strings, Choirs, Film Trailer£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe League
The LeagueDriving Guitar riff, Lighter middle, Serious, Evocative, Sports, Documentary, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Pursuit
The PursuitTrailer Sting, Spiccato Strings, Fast, Epic, Uplifting, Positive£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Rocking Chair
The Rocking ChairFast strummed acoustic guitar melody, uplifting drums, upbeat and dynamic£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Surf
The SurfBrit Pop, Indie Guitars, Driving Melody, Uplifting, Sport, Motor Sport, Winning, Heroic£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Thing about Sofia
The Thing about SofiaEmotional Piano, Strings, Nylon Guitar, Positive, Uplifting, Film Music£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Way You Like It
The Way You Like ItUplifting Euro House, Synths, Orchestral Brass, Euthoria, Emotional, Pure£19.95
Stewart DugdaleTime Piece
Time PieceColdplay and Keane style, On Hold Music, Rock Pop, Uplififting, Positive£19.95
Stewart DugdaleTo Be Loved
To Be LovedCello & Piano Melody, Calm, Melancholic, Classical, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleUntil the Dawn
Until the DawnDownbeat Indie Pop, Raw Grunt, Bluesy, Deep, Overcoming£19.95
Stewart DugdaleUrban Dreams
Urban DreamsCatchy Acoustic Guitar, Cool, Positive & Uplifting Chorus£19.95
Stewart DugdaleWaking Dream
Waking DreamChill Out, Ambient, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleWalking in Time
Walking in TimeFast paced Strings, Driving Percussion, Epic, Historic, Documentary, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart DugdaleWhispers to the Heart
Whispers to the HeartCeltic Harp, Strings, Emotional, Uilleann pipes, Tender, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart DugdaleUntil the Dawn
WhiteoutDowntempo Acoustic Guitar Riff, Chorus Life, Reflective, Hopeful, UK Indie, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleYuletide Jam
Yuletide JamFestive organ with Caribbean flavour. Features a spicy salsa trumpet and tubular bells.£19.95