Established In 2006

Sounds Run Deep.

We specialise in creating music that is of the highest quality that customers can use in their productions.

Our productions are created by songwriters who have experience and regular contact with film makers, producers, directors and companies so that our music is tailored to the needs of our client base.

At Royalty Free Tunes we understand the importance music can play in the commercial work, it is one of the most powerful selling tools that exists. Whether it is message played on hold music or a radio or TV advert the music that underlies the message must be right. It has to compliment the message and not upstage it. We have always prided ourselves at that the Royalty Free Music we provide is both flexible and useable for many different situations.

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Our Clients.

Our Music has sold to a wide range of clients from companies right through to independent low-budget film makers and our clients include:

Another important decision we took was only use music from composer not registered with any of the Performing Right Organisations (PRO’s) such as PRS. We understand that a small business who simply wants to have a music playing in the back of their shop or waiting room do not have the budget to cover annual PRO licensing and we offer a one stop solution. For a simple and competitive one off fee a client can licence music for their business without the need for both PRS and PPL licence fees to be paid.