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Copyright Free Music for Beauty Salons

Where to find the best PRS & PPL Free music for your Spa

Do you run a beauty salon? It’s often the little details which make your business stand out. From the softness of the towels, to the décor of your salon, you want your customers to be as relaxed and tranquil as possible. Since salons are the perfect place to be pampered, you need background music which reflects this ambience. In fact 84% of salons say playing music makes for a more welcoming or exciting atmosphere, while 83% say silence makes a place feel more unfriendly and unwelcoming. For the perfect chill out music, why not head to Royalty Free Tunes?

If searching for unique, copyright free music for your beauty salon, we can provide. The number one source for royalty free music, our chill-out genre includes ambient, tranquil and chilled out music ideal for your salon. Established in 2007, and based in Southampton, we are proud to offer instantly downloadable music, free from PPR/PPL or any other licensing costs. You make one quick download, then play as many times as you like. We offer tracks for a variety of businesses at highly competitive prices. For music that helps your salon customers drift away on a soft, drift of beautiful music, check out our Soft & Gentle Music