Relaxation music ideal for Health Spa’s, Yoga and Meditation Classes. All Music is PRS licence free.

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Stewart Dugdale
Curved Space
Stewart Dugdale Curved Space
Curved SpacePads, Synths, Drones, Ethereal, Uplifting, Cosmic, Beautiful, Dreamy, Inspiring, Space£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Ice Tulips
Stewart Dugdale Ice Tulips
Ice TulipsThomas New "American Beauty" Style-a-like, Tender, Emotional, Piano, Strings£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Into a Magical World
Stewart Dugdale Into a Magical World
Into a Magical WorldFantasy, Dreams, Orchestra, Driving, Uplifting, Commericals, TV, Trailers£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Secret in a Kiss
Stewart Dugdale Secret in a Kiss
Secret in a KissEnya style, Relaxation, Ethereal, Harp, Pads,£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Swept Away
Stewart Dugdale Swept Away
Swept AwaySeaside Sounds, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synths, Ethereal, Euphoric, Uplifting, Calming£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
To Be Loved
Stewart Dugdale To Be Loved
To Be LovedCello & Piano Melody, Calm, Melancholic, Classical,£19.95