Indie and Brit Pop music is generally guitar based Pop and Rock. Brit Pop started life in Great Britain.

Audio ShortcodeNameDurationKeywords For TablePriceBuy
Stewart DugdaleAny One Day
Any One DayAn Elbow style-a-like, uplifting chords and mood, Positive Feel, Rock, Pop£19.95
Stewart DugdaleBetter Way
Better WayOasis style Acoustic Guitar, Hammond, Electric Guitar, Rocky, Indie, Uplifting, Upbeat£19.95
Stewart DugdaleCircles in Your Mind
Circles in Your MindAggresive Overdriven Guitar, Downbeat, Fast, Driving, Indie, Piano£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLast Orders
Last OrdersDriving Rock Guitar, Sports, Travel, Documentary, Indie Pop£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLet the Summer Never End
Let the Summer Never EndPop Indie Guitar, Happy, Summertime, Positive, Driving Melody, Catchy£19.95
Stewart DugdaleLiving for Tomorrow
Living for TomorrowIndie Rock Guitar, Chilled, Uplifting Chorus, Sports, TV, Film£19.95
Stewart DugdaleMarching to Victory
Marching to VictoryThoughtful Guitar, Bluesy, Uplifting Chorus, Guitar Solo, Piano, Winning, Overcoming£19.95
Stewart DugdaleNatural Spirit
Natural SpiritUplifting Guitars, Powerful Drums, Quiet Build, Positive, Corporate, Sports, TV, Film£19.95
Stewart DugdaleRunning
RunningColdplay and Keane style, Reflective, Uplifting, Overcoming, Guitar Riff, Strings£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSet Your Sights High
Set Your Sights HighHappy Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Hammond Organ, Uplifting, Positive, Inspiring£19.95
Stewart DugdaleSummer Sun
Summer SunHappy Catchy Indie Guitar, Positive, Summer Rocking, Sports, TV£19.95
Stewart DugdaleTake the Journey
Take the JourneyAcoustic Guitar, Hammond, Pop Rock, Serious, Driving, Business, TV, Documentary£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Champions
The ChampionsVictorious guitar melody, uplifting chorus, Positive, Marching, Sports, TV £19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Day After
The Day AfterSnow Patrol "Run" Style, Piano & Guitar, Solenm, Thought-provoking, Evocative, Somber£19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe League
The LeagueDriving Guitar riff, Lighter middle, Serious, Evocative, Sports, Documentary, £19.95
Stewart DugdaleThe Surf
The SurfBrit Pop, Indie Guitars, Driving Melody, Uplifting, Sport, Motor Sport, Winning, Heroic£19.95
Stewart DugdaleTime Piece
Time PieceColdplay and Keane style, On Hold Music, Rock Pop, Uplififting, Positive£19.95
Stewart DugdaleUntil the Dawn
Until the DawnDownbeat Indie Pop, Raw Grunt, Bluesy, Deep, Overcoming£19.95
Stewart DugdaleUntil the Dawn
WhiteoutDowntempo Acoustic Guitar Riff, Chorus Life, Reflective, Hopeful, UK Indie, £19.95