Classical & Orchestral music is very popular today in areas such as TV Show, Films, Documentaries and Radio. All tracks are free from PRS & PPL Licensing

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Stewart Dugdale
Beautiful Days
Stewart Dugdale Beautiful Days
Beautiful DaysStacatto Strings, Horns, Piano, Uplifting, Epic, Inspiring, Heroic, Bold, Beautiful£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Ice Tulips
Stewart Dugdale Ice Tulips
Ice TulipsThomas New "American Beauty" Style-a-like, Tender, Emotional, Piano, Strings£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
In a Moment
Stewart Dugdale In a Moment
In a MomentThomas Newman style, Emotional orchestra, Lush Strings, Fantasy, Dreams, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Into a Magical World
Stewart Dugdale Into a Magical World
Into a Magical WorldFantasy, Dreams, Orchestra, Driving, Uplifting, Commericals, TV, Trailers£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Girl in the Black Boots
Stewart Dugdale The Girl in the Black Boots
The Girl in the Black BootsEpic Guitar Rock, Orchestra, Driving, Fast Paced, Emotional, TV, Film£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Knight
Stewart Dugdale The Knight
The KnightHans Zimmer style, Epic Orchestral Rock, Big Percussion, Film Trailer, Sports£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Last Stand
Stewart Dugdale The Last Stand
The Last StandEpic Orchestra, Cinematic, Driving Brass, Fast Strings, Choirs, Film Trailer£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Pursuit
Stewart Dugdale The Pursuit
The PursuitTrailer Sting, Spiccato Strings, Fast, Epic, Uplifting, Positive£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Thing about Sofia
Stewart Dugdale The Thing about Sofia
The Thing about SofiaEmotional Piano, Strings, Nylon Guitar, Positive, Uplifting, Film Music£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
To Be Loved
Stewart Dugdale To Be Loved
To Be LovedCello & Piano Melody, Calm, Melancholic, Classical,£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Walking in Time
Stewart Dugdale Walking in Time
Walking in TimeFast paced Strings, Driving Percussion, Epic, Historic, Documentary, Uplifting£19.95