Christmas Music covers many styles but they all celebrate that wonderful time of the year.  All tracks are free from PRS & PPL Licensing

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Stewart Dugdale
A Glam Christmas
Stewart Dugdale A Glam Christmas
A Glam ChristmasClassic Glam Rock Christmas track, Wizard, Slade, Uplifting guitar solo, tubular bells£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Belle at Christmas
Stewart Dugdale Belle at Christmas
Bells at ChristmasWarm and uplifting Christmas ballad. Strings, glock, choirs and bagpipes.£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Christmas Day Morning
Stewart Dugdale Christmas Day Morning
Christmas Day MorningHappy and Uplifting House style Xmas track. Classic Bells and a trumpet solo.£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Joy for Everyone
Stewart Dugdale Joy for Everyone
Joy for EveryoneUpbeat Jingle Bells, Breakbeat, Trumpet, Bells, Festive, Happy£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Misletoe Kiss
Stewart Dugdale Misletoe Kiss
Misletoe KissRock Guitar, Festive Bells, Melodic Guitar Solo, Warm, Reflective£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Peace and Harmony
Stewart Dugdale Peace and Harmony
Peace and Harmony"Ding Dong Merrily On High" cover, Calm Piano, Flute, Sweet£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Santa Claus is Coming
Stewart Dugdale Santa Claus is Coming
Santa Claus is ComingUpbeat Festive beat, Trumpet, Tubular Bell, Jolly, Merry, Happy£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Christmas Angel
Stewart Dugdale The Christmas Angel
The Christmas AngelFunky House Christmas, Trumpet, Synths, Upbeat, Happy£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Holy Time
Stewart Dugdale The Holy Time
The Holy TimeMike Oldfield style-a-like, Happy, Positive, Festive, Rocking, Merry£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Yuletide Jam
Stewart Dugdale Yuletide Jam
Yuletide JamFestive organ with Caribbean flavour. Features a spicy salsa trumpet and tubular bells.£19.95