Celtic & Irish music. All tracks are PRS & PPL licence free.

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Stewart Dugdale
Beauty and Truth
Stewart Dugdale Beauty and Truth
Beauty and TruthEnya Style, Gentle acoustic guitar, ethereal vocals, positive, inspiring, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Distant Lands
Stewart Dugdale Distant Lands
Distant LandsPicked Acoustic Celtic Folk, Thoughtful, Reflective, Piano and Strings,£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Loch Cannock
Stewart Dugdale Loch Cannock
Loch CannockUpbeat Scottish style, Violins, uilleann pipes, Upbeat, Positive, Celtic, Vibrant, Bag Pipes£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Whispers to the Heart
Stewart Dugdale Whispers to the Heart
Whispers to the HeartCeltic Harp, Strings, Emotional, Uilleann pipes, Tender, Uplifting£19.95