The Acoustic genre features all types of acoustic guitar based music. The tracks range from chilled out ballads, Celtic and Enya inspired tranquil music to upbeat Indie rock and pop. All tracks are free from PRS & PPL Licensing

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Stewart Dugdale
A Better Man
Stewart Dugdale A Better Man
A Better ManClassic Guitar chords, Uplifting synth lead, Positive, Hopeful£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Alpha and Omega
Stewart Dugdale Alpha and Omega
Alpha and OmegaDownbeat acoustic guitar, Pads, Positive, Piano solo,£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Be Happy My Son
Stewart Dugdale Be Happy My Son
Be Happy My SonUkuele Melody, Happy, Positive, Chirpy, Whistling Chorus, Corporate£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Stewart Dugdale Beautiful
BeautifulCatchy Acoustic melody, postive, uplifting, Flute, Piano, inspiring£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Beauty and Truth
Stewart Dugdale Beauty and Truth
Beauty and TruthEnya Style, Gentle acoustic guitar, ethereal vocals, positive, inspiring, Uplifting£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Better Way
Stewart Dugdale Better Way
Better WayOasis style Acoustic Guitar, Hammond, Electric Guitar, Rocky, Indie, Uplifting, Upbeat£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Distant Lands
Stewart Dugdale Distant Lands
Distant LandsPicked Acoustic Celtic Folk, Thoughtful, Reflective, Piano and Strings,£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Stewart Dugdale Firefly
FireflyPicked acoustic guitar, hauting and evocative, uplifting chorus, hopeful,£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Forgotten Memories
Stewart Dugdale Forgotten Memories
Forgotten MemoriesAcoustic guitars, Pads, Strings, Reflective, Uplifting, Ethereal£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Good News
Stewart Dugdale Good News
Good NewsUpbeat acoustic guitar pop, postitive, catchy,£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Growing Pains
Stewart Dugdale Growing Pains
Growing PainsHaunting Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Warmer middle, Thoughtful, Reflective, Lost Love£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Keith's Theme
Stewart Dugdale Keith's Theme
Keith's ThemeMoby style, Piano and Strings, Thoughtful, Reflective, Melonchonic£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Like it Should Be
Stewart Dugdale Like it Should Be
Like it Should BeJangly guitar, Upbeat & uplifting melody, Evocative Strings & Piano, Catchy£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Stewart Dugdale Mackie
MackieAcoustic Guitar, Pop, Catchy£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Rekindled Love
Stewart Dugdale Rekindled Love
Rekindled LovePicked guitar melody, Reflective with uplififting chorus. Thoughtful piano, Melonchonic£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Set Your Sights High
Stewart Dugdale Set Your Sights High
Set Your Sights HighHappy Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Hammond Organ, Uplifting, Positive, Inspiring£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Swept Away
Stewart Dugdale Swept Away
Swept AwaySeaside Sounds, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synths, Ethereal, Euphoric, Uplifting, Calming£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Take the Journey
Stewart Dugdale Take the Journey
Take the JourneyAcoustic Guitar, Hammond, Pop Rock, Serious, Driving, Business, TV, Documentary£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
The Rocking Chair
Stewart Dugdale The Rocking Chair
The Rocking ChairFast strummed acoustic guitar melody, uplifting drums, upbeat and dynamic£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Urban Dreams
Stewart Dugdale Urban Dreams
Urban DreamsCatchy Acoustic Guitar, Cool, Positive & Uplifting Chorus£19.95
Stewart Dugdale
Until the Dawn
Stewart Dugdale Until the Dawn
WhiteoutDowntempo Acoustic Guitar Riff, Chorus Life, Reflective, Hopeful, UK Indie,£19.95