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On Hold Music CDs

On hold music CDs that don’t break the bank

Putting customers on hold is quite often unavoidable, so it’s important to give them something engaging to listen to. By playing music that isn’t the same message on repeat, you can give yourself a better chance of keeping the customer on the line.

Although you need to invest in on hold music, it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. Whilst many people commit to paying the hefty fees that are incurred by PRS & PPL, here at Royalty Free Tunes, we offer another option.

In our studio, we work hard to produce music that is a pleasure to listen to and comes free from any royalty fees. We believe that good music should be available to anyone without the fear of paying each time.

On our website we have a whole catalogue of fantastic musical options to choose from. Ranging in various genres such as classical, mellow, jazz, pop, rock and acoustic, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect CV for your business.

Feel free to take a look around our website today where you can sample all of our music options before you buy.

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