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Hold Music CDs

Affordable on hold music CD’s that don’t break the bank

When it comes to speaking to your customers, sometimes you will need to put them on hold to find out more information. Whilst it’s in their best interests, it can be frustrating for them whilst holding the line. In order to keep your customers engaged and on the line it’s important to invest in high quality on hold music.

No one will want to listen to the same 30 second jingle on repeat, and equally you may not wish to play licencing fees that come with certain music. By meeting in the middle with our tracks, you can pay a one off fee and keep your customers on the line with our easy to listen to tracks.

At Royalty Free Tunes all of the tracks that you will find in our library come free from any licencing fees. All of the music we offer is created by us in our very own studio, and we do our best to supply something for everyone. Ranging from classic and contemporary tracks, to rock, pop and soul, you’ll find something to suit your needs with us.

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