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Copyright Free Music Downloads

Do you need to find copyright free music downloads?

Music is a common interest that is shared by most people, and can make all the difference to a setting. Whether it’s a shop, hairdressers or workplace, background music can help to lift the atmosphere and improve productivity.

Whilst it has its perks, it can be hard sourcing music that comes free from licencing fees. Typically PRS & PPL licencing fees can often drain a budget, so it’s important to find a solution that works for you.

Here at Royalty Free Tunes we provide music that comes free from any royalty fees. Our music is not only easy to listen to and enjoyable, but won’t cost you the earth. The tracks that we produce in our studio can be used for anything from on hold music and office music, to shop background music or used in productions.

We make sure that we cater to all requirements and ensure that we have tracks spread across all genres. Whether you’re looking for rock, pop, jazz, smooth or acoustic, you’ll find the tracks you’re looking for with us.

To view our library that is filled with plenty of tracks that you can sample for free, take a look around our website today.