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Buy PRS Free Music

Our aim here at Royalty Free Tunes is to make the process of being able to buy PRS free music as easy and hassle free as possible for you. Since our formation we have been perfecting our online offering so you can come onto our website and buy the music you want, when you want it.

We produce all of the music we sell online within our studio. We are not registered with the PRS which means that the music we sell isn’t protected by them. Therefore, once you buy music from us you are able to use it within your commercial premises as you wish without the worry of the PRS enforcing royalty fees for listening to the music.

On our website you can sample any of the tracks we have available to purchase so you can pick the music that’s most of interest to you. If this is the first time you have visited us then please don’t forget to come back to us often as we are regularly adding new tracks to our online store for you to purchase.

If you need any help with buying PRS free music from us or you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us on 079466 45609. If you prefer, you can email us on info@royaltyfreetunes.co.uk.

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