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Background Music

Are you a producer and need access to a wide range of background music? Perhaps you’re editing a low budget movie and haven’t yet found the right piece of music to finish it? If you’re looking for suitable background music, and not have to worry about paying licensing fees, we are here to help. Giving… Read more

Music On Hold CDs

Whether you work in a call centre, customer services or sales, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to put someone on hold. When they do go on hold it can be frustrating for them, so it’s important to have suitable hold music to help pass the time. If you’re looking invest in music on hold CD’s,… Read more

Background Music Downloads

Are you a media producer in search for background music downloads? Perhaps you have finished editing a video, but are yet to find the right music? Maybe you’re looking to cut costs and are working to a strict budget? For royalty free music, Royalty Free Tunes are here to help. If you’re someone who has… Read more

PRS Free Music MP3s

Whether you run an office or shop front, you’ll know that playing music can help to keep both the staff and clients engaged. What can be a problem, however, is the licensing fees from the PRS & PPL. If you’re looking cut down business costs, but keep the music running, then we are here to… Read more

Telephone Hold Music

Do you run a company in which you need to place your clients on hold? Perhaps you’re looking to cut business costs, and want to save money on licensing fees? If so, instead of paying over the odds on PRS & PPL fees, why not check out our telephone hold music here at Royalty Free… Read more

Royalty Free Music CDs

Are you looking to cut costs by ways of PRS and PPL licensing fees? Perhaps you’re seeking royalty free music CD’s for your place of work or office? If this speaks true to you, then look no further as Royalty Free Tunes are here to help. Copyright free music gives you the benefit and peace… Read more

Copyright Free Music Downloads

Whether you run a shop, hairdressers, beauty salon or busy office, music is often played in the background to entertain customers and staff equally. If you’re someone who is in charge of the music, they you’ll know all too well just how costly the licensing fees are. Instead of forking out a large sum of… Read more

Copyright Free Music MP3s

Do you run a shop or place of business in which you’re concerned about fees incurred from the PRS and PPL? Perhaps you’re looking to cut costs, and are on the hunt for copyright free music in MP3 format? If so, look no further than Royalty Free Tunes for all this and more. Copyright free… Read more

Background Music Downloads

If you’ve been searching for background music for your production, you’ll appreciate that it can often be a hard task. It can be a time-consuming effort, trawling through catalogues of background music from different providers, in the hopes of finding something appropriate. Instead of spending wasted hours looking for background music downloads, look to Royalty… Read more

Stock Music

Are you on the hunt for quality stock music? Perhaps your current music options aren’t what you’re looking for? If so, look no further than Royalty Free Tunes. Whether you’re working on a television project, film, or an online video, it’s important to have access to a library of good quality stock music. Music brings… Read more