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Background Music Downloads

If you’ve been searching for background music for your production, you’ll appreciate that it can often be a hard task. It can be a time-consuming effort, trawling through catalogues of background music from different providers, in the hopes of finding something appropriate. Instead of spending wasted hours looking for background music downloads, look to Royalty… Read more

Stock Music

Are you on the hunt for quality stock music? Perhaps your current music options aren’t what you’re looking for? If so, look no further than Royalty Free Tunes. Whether you’re working on a television project, film, or an online video, it’s important to have access to a library of good quality stock music. Music brings… Read more

Copyright Free Music For Beauty Salons

When running a beauty salon, it’s important to provide your customers with the best possible experience. Not only do they judge the experience on the service you provide, but the ambiance plays a big part. No salon functions quite as well without music, however this can often come at a cost. Due to legal fees,… Read more

PPL Free Music MP3s

Are you looking to cut back on business costs by changing how you source music? Do you require PPL free music MP3’s? If so, look no further than Royalty Free Tunes. Whether you run an office or shop front, you will know that playing music can help to keep both the staff and clients engaged…. Read more

Telephone Hold Music CD’s

Do you run a company in which you need to put your customers on hold? Quite often, this can’t be helped, but it’s important to ensure that your customers are entertained during this period. If you haven’t already, it’s wise to invest in telephone hold music CD’s to help keep your customers engaged. If you… Read more

Our Background Music MP3s Have Got Christmassy

Sleigh bells ring, snow is glistening… It’s hard to believe but it’s now only 11 weeks until Christmas Day 2016. Fortunately, here at Royalty Free Tunes, we’re completely prepared. We have a range of Christmas and Holiday tracks to help your business celebrate the yule time period, and every single track is PRS and PPL… Read more

Stock Music

Royalty Free Tunes is an excellent source for stock music. At Royalty Free Tunes, we can provide you with copyright-free music for many different purposes. Do you need music for a video production, a game or a performance? Whatever the case, we can cater for you whenever you’re seeking stock music. We can help you… Read more

Stock Music Downloads

We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams…’ (Arthur O’Shaughnessy). Stock music, otherwise known as library and production music, is used for films, TV, radio, YouTube videos and any other media. It means you don’t risk having to pay royalties on well-known music. Instead your music will be original and can… Read more

Do You Need On Hold Music MP3s?

Is your on-hold music an incentive to hang up? Do you need to keep customers hanging on longer? Waiting on the phones can be an extremely annoying experience, but On Hold music can make a bigger difference than you might think. If the music is bad, then customers will inevitably end up being even more… Read more

Background Music MP3s

Buying background music MP3s is easier than ever thanks to Royalty Free Tunes. The company has been selling high-quality royalty and copyright free music since back in 2006, and has a long list of happy customers throughout the UK. Whether you’re searching for the perfect tracks for Film or TV, Radio, On Hold Telephone Systems,… Read more

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