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Background Music

Affordable and license free background music No matter the industry that you work in, finding the right background music can be a hard task. Background music is needed to lift the mood and keep the atmosphere light and friendly, but it can be hard finding the funds to do so. As it stands, most music… Read more

Telephone On Hold Music

Are you looking to purchase telephone on hold music? As frustrating as it can be for customers, it’s sometimes necessary for businesses to put them on hold when on the telephone. Whether it’s to find our more information to help resolve a problem, or to transfer them to another department, it sometimes can’t be avoided…. Read more

Stock Music

Do you need access to a wide range of stock music that comes free of any licencing fees? For those that have worked as part of a production before, then you’ll understand just how expensive the licensing costs can be. If you’re not paying PPL fees, chances are you’ll be greeted with a PRS bill… Read more

Production Music CDs

If you are looking for music to compliment your productions, we can supply these at Royalty Free Tunes. As the number one source for high quality, copyright free music, we have supported all kinds of productions, including films, TV and radio. We support a wide range of categories, including ambient, acoustic, electronic, rock and pop…. Read more

Telephone On Hold Music

Are you looking to invest in telephone on hold music for your company? If you run a company that involves putting your clients on hold, then you’ll know all too well the importance of on hold music. No customer wants to listen to the same dull tone being played over and over again, but equally… Read more

On Hold Music CDs

Where can I obtain on hold music CD’s that don’t come with any licensing fees? Running a business can sometimes mean that you have to put your customers on hold. Whilst it’s often in order to obtain more information to help them, it’s important that they are kept entertained and engaged. No one wants to… Read more

Stock Music

Where can I find stock music that doesn’t come with PRS or PPL fees? Finding a variety of stock music for your next project can be a hard task. Whether you’re editing an advert, school or college project, or need to find the perfect track for your video, it can be a costly venture. Most… Read more

Copyright Free Music Downloads

Looking for affordable copyright free music downloads? Browsing the Internet for music for your production or place of work is an easy task. What isn’t so easy is finding the money to pay the royalty fees, which is why many people opt for royalty free music. Here at Royalty Free Tunes, we make it our… Read more

Copyright Free Music Downloads

For those seeking copyright free music downloads, choose Royalty Free Tunes today. Nothing is quite as frustrating as paying licensing fees to the PRS or PPL. Whether you’re heading up a production and need some background music, or run a business and require music to keep your staff and customers engaged, money can be saved… Read more

Background Music MP3s

Are you looking to purchase background music in MP3 format? Whether you’re producing a low budget film, TV advert, online video or college production, music makes all the difference. Music sets the scene, builds tension and creates a feeling, but finding the right music can be a struggle. With so many options out there, it… Read more

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