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Stock Music Downloads

Are you trying to find stock music downloads? Perhaps you’re leading a production and need access to various tracks? If you want to buy music that comes free from any licencing fees, we are here to help. Here at Royalty Free Tunes, we are here to supply you with instant downloads that come with no… Read more

Background Music Downloads

Are you looking for background music downloads?  No matter the industry that you work in, a place of work isn’t complete without music. It helps to boost morale, productivity and the overall atmosphere. Whilst it has its place in a working environment, it can be costly to businesses due to royalty fees. If you’re looking… Read more

On Hold Music CDs

On hold music CDs that don’t break the bank Putting customers on hold is quite often unavoidable, so it’s important to give them something engaging to listen to. By playing music that isn’t the same message on repeat, you can give yourself a better chance of keeping the customer on the line. Although you need… Read more

Copyright Free Music Downloads

Having access to copyright free music downloads has never been easier before thanks to us Whether you’re running a production and need background music, or want to purchase on hold music, it’s safe to say that it can be expensive. Thanks to various licensing fees from the PRS & PPL, just one song can cost… Read more

Production Music

Have you been trying to find production music that doesn’t come with any licencing fees? When it comes to putting a production piece together, music plays a vital role. It adds to the atmosphere and helps to tell the story, all the while improving the viewers’ experience. Music is a large part of a successful… Read more

Copyright Free Music For Shops

Affordable copyright free music for shops  When it comes to running a shop, the customer experience is vital. Your shop should be welcoming, friendly and offer a positive atmosphere-and nothing works quite as well as music. Music brings everyone together and adds a positive vibe to even the most quiet of places. Whilst it makes… Read more

Stock Music CD’s

Do you need to purchase stock music CD’s? If you’re a producer, then you’ll know all too well just how expensive stock music can be. You may only need to use a few seconds of a certain track, but that can end up costing you a large sum of money, draining your budget overall. Instead… Read more

Copyright Free Music Downloads

Affordable copyright free music downloads Do you need access to a library of music choices? Are you struggling to pay the PRS and PPL fees? If you need music that is of high quality and comes with no hidden fees, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Royalty Free Tunes, we make it our… Read more

Telephone Hold Music MP3s

Are you looking to purchase telephone hold music in MP3 format?  If you run a business that deals with customers over the phone, then you’ll understand the importance of on hold music. At times you will need to put your customers on hold, and when you do, you need to have music to keep the… Read more

Stock Music

Affordable stock music When it comes to finding suitable stock music, you need access to a wide catalogue to choose from. The catalogue should feature genres such as rock and roll, pop, mellow and jazz. It should also come at an affordable price- not lumbered with PRS and PPL licensing fees. As it stands, stock… Read more

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