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Production Music Downloads

Are you after quality production music downloads? Whether you’re working on a television, radio, film, advertising or corporate production Royalty Free Tunes has something for every project with an extensive library which caters for every style and every genre. Whatever your production, we guarantee you’ll find the tune to make your production sing. Formed in… Read more

Royalty Free Music MP3s

If you are visiting our site for the first time then let us first say hello! We presume you have found us because you are looking to find royalty free music which you can listen to within your business premises, or perhaps you want to purchase some on hold music for your phone system. Whatever… Read more

Where to find Royalty Free Music

Are you searching online for where to find royalty free music? Have you just been made aware that by using standard music within your business premises could mean having to pay hefty licensing fees enforced by the PRS and PPL? If so, then fear not, as we are here to help you here at Royalty… Read more

Top 5 Myths about Royalty Free Music

Myth 1: “Royalty Free Music is not really royalty free at all” There is much confusion over whether royalty free music is actually royalty free. When the music is purchased a fee is usually paid and essentially this is the only payment the customer has to make for using the music. Depending where the music… Read more

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