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Quality On-hold Music

Quality on-hold music which is royalty free is exactly what you can purchase directly from us here at Royalty Free Tunes. With our easily accessible mp3 downloads, you can upload the music of your choice to your phone system to ensure that anyone trying to call your business will be able to hear the desired… Read more

Buy Copyright Free Music

We’re pleased to say that in 2014 it really couldn’t be easier to buy copyright free music for your business premises. It’s important to ensure that the music you have playing within your commercial premises is free of copyright so you don’t have any hefty fines imposed by the PRS or PPL. Whether you work… Read more

Royalty Free Tunes For 2014

Have you decided that in 2014 you want to have music playing within your business premises, or in place on your phone system for when callers are on hold? If so, then although you may be tempted to use copyrighted music, we urge caution. The PRS and PPL are becoming even more vigilant and it’s… Read more

Royalty Free Tunes for Video Production

With the rise of social media sites such as YouTube back in 2005, online videos have taken off in a big way. Businesses have also learnt over the last few years that there are some fantastic profits to be made by having an online business video in place on their websites and social media sites… Read more

Classical PPL Free Music

Finding and buying classical PPL free music couldn’t be easier than coming to us here at Royalty Free Tunes. As a leading provider of royalty free music, we have a varying range of music genres for you to purchase via our online store. Whether you are looking for relaxing classical, through to more upbeat tempo… Read more

Fun On Hold Music

When your customers, or potential customers call your business, is there a chance they will have to be put on hold? If so, then we can help ensure that you don’t lose calls by providing you with fun on hold music which is royalty free. If you already have on hold music in place, then… Read more

Royalty Free Music for Shops

Purchasing royalty free music for shops couldn’t be easier than coming to us here at Royalty Free Tunes. However, if you’re wondering why should you worry about what type of music you have playing in your shop for your customers, then the answer is simple. If you have the radio on, or you play music… Read more

PPL Free Music Downloads

On our website, we enable you to quickly and affordably access PPL free music downloads. If you want to download music to be played within your business, or on your telephone system as on-hold music which is PPL free, then we are confident you won’t be disappointed with coming to us. Here at Royalty Free… Read more

Telephone On Hold Music

Would you like on hold music on your phone system for everyone who calls your business number to hear when they are on hold to you? If so, then we have a fantastic range of tracks for you to select from on our website which you can purchase, download as an MP3 and install on… Read more

PRS Free Music MP3’s

If you currently have copyrighted music playing within your business premises then it is only a matter of time before you receive a call and / or letter from the Performance Rights Society (PRS). The PRS are there to enforce the copyright protection of their members. These include the original artists and publishers of the… Read more

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