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On Hold Music CDs

Deciding on the right tunes for your music on hold system can be tricky. Music can be of real benefit to businesses when putting callers on hold, especially as an appropriate piece of music can save the caller from becoming too irate or bored at being kept on hold. The right music can help to… Read more

Copyright Free Music For Shops

Whether you manage an independent shop or you’re the manager of a chain of points of sales and you’re looking for music for your shops, in both respects, the right musical atmosphere is crucial. Not all of us want to walk into a small shop or a large superstore only to be met with the… Read more

Copyright Free Music Downloads

Are you looking for the best production music library online? Do you need copyright free music downloads? Any multimedia production is made, not least enhanced, by the presence of music. But production music can incur large costs unless you go with royalty free music. At Royalty Free Tunes, we provide quality copyright free music downloads… Read more

What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music is a type of production music. Once royalty free music has been bought, there are no additional fees for usage, no extra charges. It is only purchased once and can be listened to and used continuously without the user incurring any further charges. At Royalty Free Tunes you make an initial payment… Read more

Background Music MP3s

Now that you’ve found Royalty Free Tunes you can spend less time scouring the corners of the internet for quality background music and more time focused on your production work. Royalty Free Tunes has a vast range of background music to choose from, with enough on offer to keep you and your production project satisfied…. Read more

Background Music

Background music is used extensively in films, commercials and TV and radio productions, and it is also used as background accompaniment to computer games and mobile ringtones. It is intended to be listened to passively yet still helps to engage the viewer. The right music can make or break the success of a production. It’s… Read more

Production Music Downloads

Nothing enhances a video production more than the right kind of music, but in the real world, the cost of production music is not always kind on the wallet. With Royalty Free Tunes, we supply quality production music downloads at affordable prices. We offer an expansive library of production music, containing a wide selection of… Read more

Production Music CDs

Production music is becoming increasingly important to TV and film producers. As TV has developed, so too has the demand for readily available music. The main users of production music are film, radio and TV companies, but production music can also be used as background accompaniment to computer games and ringtones. Today, though all genres… Read more

The Best Background Music

Music is one of the most powerful means of creating an emotional connection with an audience. The art of communicating a message to an audience is often a tricky process. However, choosing the right music to invoke a certain emotion from your audience is a step in the right direction. If you’re producing a corporate… Read more

Stock Music Downloads

Stock music is a cheaper alternative to using instantly recognizable music in audio and audio visual productions. Stock music is ideal for use in such productions as its use doesn’t require having to obtain specific permission or having to pay a clearance fee. Stock music libraries offer the user a series of flexible licencing options which prove useful… Read more